German Natural Stone Award for the e Science Lab at ETH Zurich

The nomination for the German Natural Stone Award 2013 in the Public Buildings category naturally heightened the tension at be baumschlager eberle. This gave way to delight and satisfaction at the ceremony in Nuremberg on the evening of 29 May, when architect and project leader Elmar Hasler stepped up to receive the award on behalf of be lochau for the e Science Lab at ETH Zurich.

Assessing the striking cube-shaped laboratory on the Hönggerberg campus, the jury headed by BDA President Michael Frielinghaus said …“the building is an outstanding example of an architecture which, thanks to the shape and structure of the building and the design of the facades, creates the conditions for low energy consumption.” By way of an explanation, the e Science Lab has received the Minergie ECO label for its low energy consumption of 93 kWH/m²a.

The presentation of the award is all the more pleasing in view of the quality of the other candidates for the award in the Public Buildings category, who included Max Dudler (CH), Stanton William (GB) and Siegfried Delueg (South Tyrol).