InCITE Gallery Bangalore

to be continued
selected works 2010-2018

“to be continued” is the title of an exhibition showcasing nine exemplary projects by be baumschlager eberle which effectively illustrate the broad spectrum covered by the architects, who operate on three continents. The exhibition gives an insight into current activities of their architectural office, which was founded in Austria in 1985. These range from a private villa in Los Angeles via the new corporate headquarters of BNP Paribas Fortis Bank in Brussels to the large clinic in the Belgian town of Kortrijk. While the form, design, materials and scale may vary, the architects have a consistent approach to their construction projects: be baumschlager eberle architecture always rests on comprehensible and justifiable decisions. Their structures derive from an exploration of the specific site and the setting in which the building work is to take place. Different societies, traditions and views regularly require innovative architectural solutions. For that reason be baumschlager eberle deem it essential to be anchored at the local level. The architects run offices at ten different sites around the world where they demonstrate great sensitivity and a deep appreciation of regional and cultural contexts. Their attitude to design is founded on dialogue. They are fully aware that architecture is a process which not only involves many people; it is one which repeatedly starts anew and turns out differently. A key role in the development of their construction work – and in the underlying concept of the exhibition – is therefore played by clients and users. In video interviews they are joined by project managers from be baumschlager eberle in explaining how their ideas and wishes are reflected in the design of the projects and their practical implementation.