Publisher: Birkhäuser Verlag, Basle
Edited by: Dietmar Eberle
Author: Eberhard Tröger
Design: Claudia Klein
Photography: Claudia Klein, Michael Heinrich

Jury`s Verdict:  “Dichte Atmosphäre”

Structural density is a relative, not an absolute term. Claudia Klein illustrates this extremely well when in her introductory photographic essay she takes readers on a tour of Vienna. The book redefines ‘density’. Whereas the floor space index was previously the decisive parameter for this, in this case “the entirety of a defined urban space, including public areas” is factored into her calculations. This enables her to present “the utilization of floor space in relation to social use on an individual level”. Four cities – Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Zurich – are investigated. On 536 pages, the bulky material is very clearly presented in an impressive compendium. An index of terms and figure-ground plans, diagrams of towns and a large number of analyses and stories explore the topic on a wide range of levels. Sensitive typography, clever use of imagery, different types of paper and on top of this a thumb index succeed in gaining the readers’ interest in the topic and making them  aware of inhabitants’ needs with regard to urban planning.