E-media and print media 9-10/13


The latest edition of Abitare, the classic among the numerous Italian architectural journals, has a lengthy article by Pierre Chabard on Kortijk Hospital in which he commends the planning carried out by Baumschlager Eberle Vaduz and Osar architects n.v. (Antwerp). The author attributes the outstanding quality of the architecture to the combination of durability, elegance and flexibility.
Abitare, 09-10 2013, no. 535, pp. 78-85

The lead story by Benedikt Crone in the German journal Stadtbauwelt was devoted to the winning project by be vienna for the extension of the Lakeside Technology Park in Klagenfurt. Crone liked the “interweaving of the architecture with the landscape”, which set the project apart from the other entries.
Stadtbauwelt, 09-2013, no. 199, pp. 6-8

Alice Davis used the time advantage she enjoyed over the print media to report on the presentation given by Dietmar Eberle at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore on 10 October. She quoted the keynote speaker as follows: “And we still guarantee temperatures not less than 22, not more than 26 degrees,” says Eberle. “People are very surprised, but the idea is very simple.” Instead of the building reacting to technical solutions, it’s designed to react to the people inside. “The building only reacts to the impact of you as a user in the building. You increase the temperature, you produce humidity and you transfer oxygen into carbon dioxide. As a user, you don’t react to the building any more, but the building reacts to you.”