Websites and print media 11-12/13


Excellent projects, extended collaboration and a new cultural area for be baumschlager eberle have proved highly successful. Up to 10 December 2013, be baumschlager eberle Group projects received a total of 90 mentions on international websites. The new cultural area referred to is France, which we now understand better thanks to our colleagues at be paris. The French Internet landscape is remarkable for the large number of different platforms and an entertaining mixture of national pride and liberalism. While projects by be paris in France have been presented, so too has 2226 by be lustenau – our shooting star with 16 mentions to date.
“The house with no cooling or heating” is also very prominent in the print media. So far nine quality journals have reported on this reference project, in some cases in considerable detail (eight pages plus the front cover in Bauwelt alone). The level of acceptance is high, the Austrian daily Der Standard going so far as to use the term “architectural revolution” in its edition of 23 November.