Alexander Van der Bellen visits 2226

The President of Austria was impressed


Our office building 2226 in Lustenau in Vorarlberg received a surprising and prominent visit last Thursday. Austria’s President Alexander Van der Bellen and his wife Doris Schmidauer were given a tour of the building by Jürgen Stoppel, a partner at BEA Lustenau. 2226 was constructed without technical ventilation, cooling and heating.

Van der Bellen was visibly impressed. And when Jürgen Stoppel showed him the tiny utility shaft with only water and electrical lines, President Van der Bellen was positively surprised when he asked, “Is that really everything?”

In any case, office building 2226 demonstrated to President Van der Bellen that building sustainably can also mean building for comfort.

The unofficial visit came about at the suggestion of Mayor Kurt Fischer of Lustenau, a self-declared fan of office building 2226.

More information about the project and office.
Photo: Municipality of Lustenau 


Lustenau, 24 january 2019