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  • 2020
    Year established

Γεια σας από την Αθήνα (Hello from Athens!)

The plural form of the city name “Athens” speaks to the pluralism of a culture that has been democratic since ancient times. This philosophy of welcoming different versions of the same essence is key feature of our firm’s overall stance.


A principle of accountability guides our approach to the challenges of architecture today. Climate (κλίμα) is our natural inclination (κλίση). We consciously adopt climate-friendly architecture with a view to defending the classical values of self-sufficiency and sustainability in the sense of enduring permanence. They are values that have been handed down to us since antiquity, from Archimedes’ constant “π” to Plato’s appeal to an “eternal geometry”.


The open dialogue at the heart of our working method can hardly be conducted in a noisy room. Impeccable acoustics, adaptive lighting and healthy air quality are indispensable components of a pleasant architectural experience.


We also consider the visual manifestation of architecture in a similarly human-centred way and in context with the prevailing culture. We see dialogue with the user as an opportunity to understand his or her language and to visually articulate it with synecdochical dexterity, enabling the effective mastery of semantically critical communication tasks. After all, every permanent structure is both a visually manifested expression of the longing for eternity and an architecturally articulated proposal for sustainability.

Vaduz agency in Athens - IVA Architects

Ethnikis Antistasseos Str 44 GR 15232 Athen – Chalandri

t: +30 210 6713417

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