2226 - Clever climate controlled architecture

It all started with a vision: the idea of constructing a building with no heating or air conditioning – a people-oriented structure with good air quality and comfortable indoor temperatures at all times, always within the globally standard comfort range between 22 to 26 degrees Celsius. 2226: Now that vision has become a reality; the building concept name is a promise.


The 2226 concept is a pioneering contribution to the architectural questions of our time. Challenging the prevailing dictum that energy efficiency is only possible with highly complex building technology, it does without these systems entirely by relying on the basic means of architecture instead.


That promise is delivered exclusively with basic building physics: solid walls and ceilings that serve as insulating and storage masses; a balanced interplay of façade and window surfaces, proportions, materials and light. Another key component is the building control system, which intelligently monitors indoor and outdoor conditions and regulates the temperature accordingly.


A 2226 building makes without heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is heated with the warmth generated by the people in its rooms, its technical equipment and lighting. Sensor-controlled ventilation panels adjust temperature and CO2 levels as needed, ensuring a pleasant indoor environment in any season.

Another stand-out feature of this concept is its excellent return on value and reduced construction costs, energy efficiency and life cycle costs: doing away with conventional building technology eliminates the need for planning, procurement and maintenance while ensuring that operating costs are kept extremely low. 2226 buildings also benefit from a timeless aesthetic, high-quality materials and usage-neutral surfaces, all additional factors contributing to their sustainability.