Birkenwiese Residential Care Home
Dornbirn, Austria



Finding the familiar in the unfamiliar. For most people, the move to a residential care home is a time of upheaval as they say goodbye to familiar domestic surroundings at a point in their lives when they are least prepared to do so. For this reason, designing a nursing home is both a huge challenge and a great responsibility.


We wanted to create a building for the residents that would conjure up associations with their own homes – hence the panelling, the shutters and above all the gardens.


It all starts with the urban setting. At The Birkenwiese, Baumschlager Eberle architects created an environment that is perceived as a place to live rather than as a health and social care institution. Intended to dispel residents’ fear of the new, it incorporates a number of familiar features – including wood, shutters and gardens – designed to awaken memories and reinforce the notion of a new start in a new place.

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