Employment opportunities

Baumschlager Eberle Architekten: architects and employers

Driven by the very highest creative design standards, we also have a clear sense of reality and a keen awareness of our cultural obligations. We apply a methodical approach and have an unconditional commitment to quality. We employ 269 individuals from 21 different countries, speaking 19 different languages and working in eleven offices around the globe. Our guiding principle is the conviction that architecture is always the result of intensive and multi-dimensional team work.

Our offices around the world are shaped by the different urban or rural environments in which they are located. We seek to foster creative energy through the exchange of ideas: in our day-to-day relations, at meetings and design workshops involving several offices and lasting several days, on longer joint study visits, even at football matches and skiing competitions.


Our teams are organised on a project-by-project basis, bringing together individual strengths in an environment where collective effort counts as much as individual achievement. With teams founded on self-reliance and entrepreneurial thinking, individual members help each other where they can, take the lead, ensure customer contact at all levels. Even our interns have an important role to play in the running of our projects.