How we work

Collecting, preparing and using data

In our pursuit of timeless design and simplicity, we aim to think outside the box, to accentuate the poetic in our architecture. We are supported in this endeavour by an in-house design advisory board and a sophisticated process methodology.


Our design advisory board
Our design advisory board works to ensure that we maintain consistently high architectural standards. With a roving brief, it operates across the group in all our offices, reviewing and evaluating each project at every phase of the planning process.


The project book
To ensure that all our projects move forward in a clear and transparent manner, that the right things are done at the right time and that the core idea is implemented according to the brief, we have developed our own pro- cess methodology and our own tool: the project book. It combines the creative and management processes in one communication tool and documents every stage of a project. It allows us to check the client’s requirements at any time and to make adjustments as necessary, thereby underpinning quality assurance.


What is more, every project book is a unique and beautifully produced object, a fascinating chronicle of our approach to architecture, a record that every client treasures.