What we do

Every stage of the planning and construction process

As architects and lead project designers, we offer a full range of services to accompany every stage of the planning and construction process – from feasibility and design studies through project planning, planning application and construction management support, de- tailed design, creative and construction management to final handover. Our offices have their own local spe- cialities and we forge strategic partnerships as a platform for the long-term development of specific concepts.


Broad service offering, sustainable solutions
The areas in which we work are as many and varied as our clients. From city-wide master planning exercises to designing and building private homes, from abstract ideas competitions to ground-up renovation, we aim to develop solutions that are sustainable in terms of architecture, energy and finance. Our core skills lie in the design and construction of energy-efficient builddings and wooden structures. Our flagship projects and design competition successes speak for themselves. Our architecture workstations are equipped with either ArchiCad or Revit depending on the market setting and internal BIM coordinators provide the latest in interface management.


Collaboration with specialist firms
We adopt a comprehensive, integrated project approach, take careful account of the larger  context  and  strive for sustainability, so the range of  services  we  offer goes well beyond simple architectural planning and implementation. Internal collaboration with specialists in various fields has, for example, quite naturally led to the development of independent service profiles: USUS specialises in landscape architecture, be ddjm interiors in interior design while 2226 AG provides intelligent heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions. These specialist firms, which belong to the be architects holding structure, work regularly with Baumschlager Eberle Architekten but are also available for stand-alone projects.


Latest methods, outstanding specialists
Our highly qualified team works in a network of offices using state-of-the-art design and development tools and software and is well acquainted with the latest design and construction techniques. A central database provides all our collaborators with access to internal expertise and core project data wherever they work.


We are all – whether staff, specialists, partners or clients – bound together by our understanding of architecture, our methodological approach and our high quality standards. Ultimately, it is these services that set our projects apart from the rest.