Bernadottestraße 83
Hamburg, Germany



A residential development comprising four individual structures was to be designed for a site on Hamburg’s Bernadottestraße. The blocks were to bring together the disparate neighbouring buildings, while a magnificent old hornbeam with a diameter of over 20 metres was to be retained and given a special place within the complex.


The outdoor space is landscaped to resemble parkland, offering residents a place to sit and relax or go for a stroll, a place for exchange and encounter.


A bar-shaped building culminating on Bernadottestraße marks the start of the ensemble; in front of it lies the entrance to the underground car park. The other three blocks are configured around the striking tree on the southern part of the site, forming an intimate square at the centre of the private grounds. This arrangement creates tantalising sight lines, breathing life into the space it creates.


Hornbeam, landscaping and gravel paths give a park-like feel

The open spaces form a deliberate contrast to the development’s geometric layout. Set in private green space, the buildings are linked by meandering, water-permeable gravel paths, all leading to the centre of the development. All of the outdoor space is landscaped to resemble a park.


The development comprises a total of 24 apartments of varying size. The blocks each have two principal plus a third staggered storey with two, three or four units on each floor. All the apartments have large open spaces: a terrace with private garden for the ground-floor apartments and balconies with loggia or roof terraces for the upper floors. 


A classy look

All the buildings have a fine plaster finish with only the ground floor and arcades built in natural stone, giving the ensemble its elegant style. The horizontal separations between the floors are marked by thin pilaster strips and the reduced footprint on the top storey, while the floor-to-ceiling windows and the entrance doors feature furniture and railings in architectural bronze. All the necessary technical plant is housed in the underground car park alongside laundry and storage facilities. Each flat has an allocated 1.5 parking spaces. 


The mathematically uniform structural grid gives the buildings the same high quality on all four sides. Inside, it produces the same quality in terms of light penetration and versatile space allocation.

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