Data Center Zumtobel AG
Dornbirn, Austria

Office and Administration


Having grown organically with the company since the 1960s, the time had come to build a new data centre on the Zumtobel site. In design terms it had to keep one eye on future development potential while retaining references to its location and history.


The data centre itself is set underground, spread over two basement levels; the office building rises above it. The key feature here is the space created by the new building. At its centre lies a semi-public area, a middle ground where old and new meet. A gently inclined, fully accessible ramp leads from the car park to the main entrance.

Free of structural elements the office space can be used in many different ways


Anchored in the underground data centre, the entrance sits slightly above ground level, where staff and visitors enter the foyer before being routed to the various offices via the building’s central core. Both this access core and its counterpart housing the goods lift fulfil a load-bearing function, as do additional supports positioned behind the façade. This leaves the actual office space open so that it can be used and extended as operational requirements dictate.


The façade is double-walled and comprises an inner thermal skin, glazed from floor to ceiling and with openable windows, followed by an outer layer of high-quality, green-coloured solar-control glass panels. This structure works together with architectural and technical features including active component cooling und controlled building ventilation to create a pleasant working environment. The only additional measure required inside is anti-glare protection.


Sophisticated façade visible from afar
The outermost layer of green-coloured glass offers a spectacular sight, changing from opaque to transparent depending on the viewer’s perspective, and shimmering in a subtle range of colours. This visual effect was achieved thanks to the format of the panels used and the angle at which they are positioned.       

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