Bejing, China



These three high-rise towers, characterised by high density levels, were designed to a master plan. The last component in a new development on the edge of Beijing city centre, the complex was to close the northern side of the site. Other design requirements included energy optimisation, sustainability and high design and comfort specifications. 


Three identically shaped towers, each a different height, stand on a four-storey base housing shops and office space. The elongated structure shields the site from the street whilst allowing sight lines between the towers. PopMOMA is characterised by architectural quality and top-flight interior comfort and by its sustainable, energy-efficient building and plant concept. 

Urban living in a prestige development

PopMOMA offers smaller apartment sizes and targets a young clientele. Each floor is divided into six apartments – two single-bedroomed and four larger units – all with a loft-style open floor plan. The kitchens, bathrooms and storage areas are arranged around the service core in the centre of the building, the modulable bedrooms set around the façade. The complex comprises a total of 388 apartments. 



The compact structures are provided with a high-quality, insulated façade and energy-efficient building technology including active roofs. These roofs incorporate heating/cooling elements, a ventilation control system and window reveals set at different angles based on the cardinal points designed to optimise the incidence of natural light into the apartments and offices. 


A façade in warm copper tones

With its modest, understated grid pattern, the façade makes a pleasant contrast to the surrounding patchwork of buildings. Warm copper window reveals and glass-panel cladding in a darker copper tone lend the building a quiet elegance and a touch of class.

The design of the central service core borrows from the Chinese philosophy which allies colours and the points of the compass and facilitates orientation in the individual towers. 

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