Villa K

Single Family Housing


A steep slope above a lake, leafy surroundings, a site divided into relatively small plots containing individual houses, all turning their backs to one extent or another on their neighbours. The remit here was to construct a villa that achieved a certain level of privacy without closing off the sight lines to the surrounding area. And, of course, the architecture was to transform the topography and panoramic views into an experience and to fashion a confident, contemporary structure. 


This sophisticated concrete cube with its large glazed surfaces provides an elegant vantage point from which to admire the spectacular views. The building envelope is defined by a series of recesses, projections and indentations, dictated by the site itself, that eventually find a meandering order, the “outside in” design approach resulting in the creation of a sequence of interlinked rooms on both levels of the building.

Fleeting insights and outlooks
The architectural interplay between closed and open spaces not only produces a wide range of different views, it also take into account the varying needs of the individual rooms in terms of openness and privacy. The passage from the access road to the site through two walls makes clever use of the different levels, ensuring a certain degree of integration with the immediate surroundings. 


In such a magnificent location with its uninterrupted sight lines to the lake, we wanted to shape, to play with the views.

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