Green Office® ENJOY
Paris, France

Office and Administration


Comprising seven floors of offices, co-working space, a corporate HQ and commercial premises, Green Office® ENJOY is the focal point of an innovative building complex that forms part of the Clichy Batignolles urban development project. Working on three different levels, it embodies industrial change, creates a visual centrepiece and serves as gateway and point of reference for the new district, this last function demanding a certain height – a major challenge in itself.

It’s a pleasure to rediscover the time-honoured tradition of working with wood, to enjoy its warmth and imagine the patina that it will develop over time.  


Clichy Batignolles is a large-scale urban development zone extending over a 133-acre site and shaping a whole new district comprising a park, 3,400 flats, spacious offices, a court building, shops and leisure facilities. A key element in the project, Green Office® ENJOY is the first structure to be built to positive energy standards in Paris. What is really special about Green Office® ENJOY, however, is its combination of concrete with one of the world’s oldest building materials: wood. The determining factor behind this choice was the base plate which, though serving as the load-bearing structure, has a limited load-bearing capacity at certain points. Consequently, a more traditional concrete structure was out of the question.


Sustainable weight savings: the entire Green Office® ENJOY structure, including pillars, girders, slabs and interior facades, is made of wood. As a result of this innovative design, the building will save 2,900 tonnes of CO2 compared to a traditional concrete construction, the equivalent of planting 1,500 trees. Green Office® ENJOY also boasts a low energy consumption of 22.9 kWh/(m²a) and generates more CO2-free energy than it uses. Its 1,750m² of solar roof panels generate 23.5 kWh/(m²a) of solar energy.

Modernity with a nod to the past.

Right from the planning stage, it was clear that Green Office® ENJOY would require a visual connection to its urban surroundings: uninterrupted lines of sight that would run beyond the adjacent facades and an architectural approach capable of creating a conversation with the area’s industrial heritage. The singularity of Green Office® ENJOY, however, is its facade, offering the same contours from top to bottom, which will firmly anchor the building in its location and provide an outward symbol of its solidity.

Green Office® ENJOY will have both a landscaped interior courtyard and three “windows on the city”. These loggia – some two or three storeys high, others outside the structure – are located at the end of the building and offer attractive views of the Sacré Cœur, the Eiffel Tower and the new law courts.


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