Meiller Gardens Residential Development
Munich, Deutschland



A new, greened neighbourhood, sustainable, with a strong identity and high quality of life, was to be created on the site of a former F.X. Meiller factory in the Moosach district of Munich. The master plan featured 600 homes on eight construction sites with a mix of building types designed by five renowned architecture firms.


Baumschlager Eberle Architekten designed four buildings for two of these sites. In urban design terms, the oblique-angled 63-apartment street-facing block and two-storey day care nursery on Site 02 occupy an important position at the transition from the street to the heart of the new quarter. The curved balconies with their cornicing and shadow-forming combed render emphasise the linking function and strengthen the identity of the building.


Residential trio at the heart of Meiller Gardens 

For Site 05 we designed three blocks containing 115 apartments: two rendered courtyard buildings and a brick-clad central unit. The loggia and flat façades reinforce the urban design concept, while the changing block heights provide rhythm and diversity and bring light into the heart of the quarter. 


We defined four different building types to create a structured and sculptural building mass in which the individual modules form a harmonious group rather than standing as isolated units.

Die Merkmale

With its curved, ribbon-shaped façade banding the building on Site 02 sets a creative, upmarket tone, its various render finishes and the shadows they cast producing a feeling of spatial depth. Inside, the 1- to 4-roomed apartments are highly functional with light and airy reception and bedrooms. 

High energy efficiency is achieved thanks to the thermal storage capacity of the walls, made of special high-insulation blocks. Light colours, solid walls and a perfectly balanced window-to-wall ratio ensure optimum natural light all year round, while the auxiliary underfloor heating system provides adequate warmth in winter. 


A focus on energy sustainability
The buildings on Site 05 are also designed to guarantee low energy consumption. The thermal storage capacity of the walls and floors, constructed in high-insulation vertically perforated perlite-filled blocks, are crucial in terms of air conditioning. Here, with no balconies to distract from their strong, monolithic presence, the simple façades are particularly effective. The 1.5- to 5-roomed apartments are designed to offer both economical floor span widths and easily adaptable floor plans. 


All the buildings offer a combination of value for money and green credentials, thanks largely to the thermal storage capacity offered by the concrete floors and block walls that are 42.5 cm thick.

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